Rotko is beautifully crafted, innovative puzzle game, built exclusively for iOS platform. It features more than 60 classic mode levels grouped in three difficulty categories and 20 challenge mode levels.

Game mechanic is pretty simple, player rotates one circle at the time, of the three intersecting ones, and tries to align the elements to the given order. It is one of those puzzle games that are easy to learn but difficult to master.

It also features a number trophies and achievements to chase down, and useful hints to help you along the way.


It’s completely built in SpriteKit and features Game Center integration. Everything was hand coded, including the numerous animations what made it a real feat.

Rotko is an App Store exclusive and is available in the premium format which means there are no intrusive ads that get in the way of relaxing and zen gameplay.

For additional screens, videos and links, visit, the game’s official page.

Please note Rotko is currently not available for download as it is being updated. Originally released in 2015., some used underlying technologies became obsolete and need a replacement. It’s expected to be back available in the upcoming months.