Do you know that annoying feeling while browsing Netflix endlessly and having a hard time deciding what to watch? That’s me, always looking for a movie ratings on IMDb for each and every title I open. Because who wants to spend precious time on bad quality movies, right? But that’s incredibly daunting task - so I created Safari extension to speed up that research!

This summer Apple announced the return of the extensions to Safari and I knew I need to try them out. I actually created a Safari extension for custom bookmark list a looong time ago when that was still possible. The relationship between Safari and extensions is complicated, but extensions are complicated as well. I should probably devote separate blog post to back up my claim but for now let’s just say I’m really happy how that turned out, although there is still a plenty of work to do.

So here it is, a simple Safari extension that can show you IMDb and Metascore ratings on Netflix. It’s totally free and doesn’t show any ads.


And not only it can show you ratings but can take you directly to the title’s IMDb page. Neat, isn’t it?

It’s available on the Mac App Store where you can download it for free. For help with the installation or for more info please check the app’s support page.

Happy Netflixing!