ExRey is a platform for video recognition and content delivery. It comes from a young startup and I helped in the making of the iOS app.

The platform is built around the central database and mobile apps acting as a clients.

As with any great product, the mobile app aims to be dead simple and straightforward for user.


Basically, user scans the video and gets the associated content, similar as Shazam works for music. The content can depend upon the context and it usually consists of links to more info, shop, tours for musicians, IMDB page for movies, trailers and more.


One of the bigger challenges here was to optimize captured video to be as small as possible for quick network delivery but has enough quality for effective recognition. The goal was to have video recognized and content delivered in just a matter of seconds.

Although the app is still in early stage, it works pretty fast already. I can’t wait to see more features added to it alongside with a nice and sleek polish.

For more info, head to the official page.