I cannot think of a better way to start a year than building a personal page!

And I finally managed to do it! 🤗

I started with the project about a month ago and it took a way longer than planned.

It’s still not completely done though, but it was important to get it out, get some feedback and then tweak things later.

I decided to have this page statically generated so it can be as fast and simple as possible. Using big and bloated CMS when it’s not absolutely needed is not my cup of tea and I wanted to try something new that I was not already comfortable with.

So this page and blog was generated using Jekyll. I chose a theme that caught my attention as a starting point from one of the galleries.

Then I tweaked it quite a bit to suit my needs and according to my preferences. After modifying the basic HTML/CSS structure I also got rid of all JavaScript code to make the site faster and more mobile friendly.

Additionally, I did a number of small tweaks like placing the fonts locally to speed up the initial loading time.

I also stripped down some animations because I like to put the focus on what’s most important - the content. I do come from the mobile development world after all 😅.

I’m really happy how this looks like already but can’t wait to try a few more things. There’s always something to do as digital product is never really completely finished. Also I’m looking forward to having a personal space to express my thoughts on various topics that I find interesting.