About me

I started developing iOS apps in 2012, the year when iOS 5 was released, ARC made its debut and Storyboards were introduced. Since then I developed a dozens of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps as well as native mobile games. I worked on mobile apps from many different categories for many different markets. I’m used to working in a team, both small and big but also enjoy working solo.

My fields of interest in broader terms are Internet of Things and Machine Learning.

I’m holding a Masters degree in Software engineering from University of Zagreb, Croatia.


My primary language is Swift but I still do some work in Objective-C, mostly in older projects that require maintenance.

Frameworks I have the most experience with are CoreBluetooth, CoreLocation, CoreData, MapKit and SpriteKit. I also worked with CoreNFC, CoreML, AVFoundation and SiriKit from the list of bigger ones.

At the beginning of my career I was backend dev but haven’t touched anything web related until a year or so ago. There was uprising of the Server side Swift technologies and they immediately sparked my interest. I’m very good with databases and the systems I used the most are MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

In the past I also worked in C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

What do I do

I work as an independent software developer, primarily on Apple platforms. If you have a project of that kind or a specific request, please feel free to reach me on my email or DM me on Twitter.

Software development

I’m specialized in iOS, iPadOS and watchOS Software development but also happy to do the backend part of the modern apps in Server Side Swift.

Consultancy work

I provide help for specific domains of iOS software development like code analysis, security audit and automating common tasks.

Teaching & Speaking

I’m open for public speaking proposals as long it’s about the iOS ecosystem, Swift or Server side Swift. Additionally, I can do the workshops with programme tailored to the group skill level and interests.

How do I work

I always strive for simplicity. One famous novelist once wrote:

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

And I cannot agree more. Therefor, I’m detail oriented person and always putting the end product and great experience first.

I’m avoiding offices and work remotely for most of the time because that helps me focus and make the things done.

I use Git for version control and two popular services, GitHub and GitLab. Besides that, and Xcode of course, some of the tools in my belt are Google Docs and Trello for writing and organizing and Sketch and PixelMator Pro for prototyping, UX and graphic design.

P.S. I prefer tabs over spaces.